June 12, 2010


I made this the other night using some seriously tasty produce from our good friends at Blackberry Meadows Organic Farm. The colors were too beautiful to resist photographing. Those lovely pink things up front...they're radishes and I just learned a cool trick from Jen at the farm. If you find radishes too spicy, try cooking them. They're crunchy, mild and oh so yummy. This is just a quick stir fry of carrots, zucchini, fresh spinach, radishes, garlic and some natural chicken sausage all tossed in a nice, light tomato-y glaze.

This, my friends, is an amazing sourdough baked by Nate. He has been using this time of transition wisely and has spent the last few months researching and developing his bread baking skills. You can expect a separate post by Nate on the art and health benefits of sourdough. I don't know if words can describe just how good this bread is. I think it promises to be a part of our future...

What's going on with the farm search??

Um, nothing. The farm we've been so excited about has some issues and we're currently trying to determine just how serious those issues are. Buying this farm means jumping off a cliff into a pit of debt and in these times, that's scary as hell. It's a huge decision and it just requires a lot of thought. One word: stressful.