March 24, 2015


It's been awhile. We're settling into our new home and focusing on starting our new bakery business, WildFire. The name WildFire incorporates our love of traditional sourdough, also known as wild yeast, and the wood fire that does all of our baking. We're still working on our website, but we've started a Facebook page. We'll be sharing updates and our progress on the bakery there.

Check it out

Catching up...

After a long wait for the parts to be fabricated, and much trial and error with installation, Nate finished the baking doors for the oven. It wasn't an easy process, to say the least, but if anyone could figure it out, it's Nate! This means that aside from the aesthetic exterior, this oven is ready for baking. And the first chance we got, we did just that. We fired that baby up last night and made some long awaited pizza!

These doors are 8.5 inches thick, with vents that open and close. This will allow us to control the flow of air to the fire and keep more heat in the oven.

The doors open fully to allow full access to the 48" x 60" hearth.

The first pizza!!!!!