April 21, 2012

spring days

Zander's first baby chicks!

It's Spring. That means it's time for baby chicks and we're already on our second batch. This season, we've redesigned our poultry schedule and are getting chicks every 2 weeks. Nate spent a few days renovating the brooder building to get ready for them. We needed a different setup since we'll be having 2 different batches of chicks - at different ages, in the brooder at the same time. Nate worked really hard and it looks great.

The laying hens have been moved out of their winter homes and are now back on lush, green pasture. It's hard to keep them inside during the cold months. Hard for them and hard for us. So, everyone is happier these days.

The rest of the farm crew has been working hard starting seeds, potting up seedlings, prepping the fields and transplanting. There is much food to come from this farm! By the way, there's still time to subscribe to our veggie CSA. Members have first dibs on purchasing our eggs and poultry. Check out the link over on the right. 

The pigs have moved out to pasture this week too. They're loving the grass!

Ella and Lucy have been traveling around the farm, doing some mowing for us. This week it's been the back yard.

(Those big tanks are part of our rainwater harvesting system.)

There's nothing like looking out of your kitchen window and seeing this . . .

Nate and I are still adjusting to life with Zander and how it affects our day-to-day work. I love spending my days with my son but it's hard to watch Nate sometimes struggle with doing the work of 2 people. I can do a lot on the farm with the baby but it often limits my abilities as far as bending over or having both hands free and it all revolves around his naps. I feel bad that I'm not able to help Nate as much and he feels bad that he's not able to help with the baby much during the day. We're all doing what we need to do right now and that's okay. We both have a deep appreciation for each others jobs.

The bright side, since I am a bright side kind of girl, is that we work at home. We're lucky enough to both be home with our child and that means a lot to us and to Zander. Being the only child of parents who divorced when I was a baby, I spent a lot of time with babysitters or in daycare. I was away from my parents and it was really lonely. I'm so happy Zander has us, all the time.

It's hard to put into words just how amazing this kid is. I love him.