January 24, 2013

wide awake

the oven at Wide Awake Bakery

This past weekend the three of us took a road trip to New York where Nate attended a wood-fired baking course. The course was sponsored by OGRIN and took place at Wide Awake Bakery, a bakery with good people and an amazing oven. The majority of the grains used at the bakery are locally grown and milled and the course was primarily about how to bake with these local grains.  It was great to get out of town and Nate made some good contacts and learned a ton of valuable information.

There are lots of small farms in the area and there's a really nice vibe there. The kind of vibe we haven't felt in a while. I'm not saying we're destined to farm in New York, but for the first time we're beginning to wonder if we belong here.

This is quite possibly the scariest time in our lives as we consider our future. Stress and worry have been a big part of our days and nights lately and I've been thinking a lot about that. We only get one life. Just one. And that sure seems like a deary and wasteful way to spend it?

We've been given a chance to start again and I have no idea where this will take us. I'm trying to stay open. I hope it involves farming, but I know it will involve a wood-fired oven.

January 4, 2013

he walks

Right now, I am. . .

~ preparing myself to never sit down again. At least not for the next year or so.

~ so thankful that Nate and I were both here for this moment.

~ shedding a tear or two because my baby is growing so fast. We have a toddler!

~ trying to just breathe and enjoy this moment.

~ so incredibly proud of my boy!