February 20, 2012

We decided to take a few photos last week for our new 2012 farm brochure.

The crew

Zander was not so sure about the whole thing, while Evelyn was super chill.

Yes, I know I have straw in my hair. It's farmy, right?

Me and Mr.Grumpy Pants

Field manager, Lynn, with the little ones.

February 9, 2012

the new normal

Things are slowly starting to feel normal around here, but it's not the same normal as before. This is our new normal. Life with babies.

For Nate and I, this adjustment period has changed a lot about our work. As farmers of livestock, we don't get the winter off. We used to just have our laying hens over the winter and they didn't require much care but this year, we've expanded a bit.

Zander was born in early December and I've been pretty consumed with his needs and unable to participate much in the animal care. This means it's been all Nate. And he's done an amazing job. We've always done our work together, as a team, and it's been hard for me to be out of the loop and hard for him to have all the responsibility. Babies or animals, they're both hard, full-time jobs.

I'm slowly getting out to help more, with Zander in tow. He hangs out in a sling or carrier. We're trying to get the hang of it before the new season starts. I've really missed the animals and seeing them each day. Nate, Greg and Lynn went to the annual PASA conference last week while Jen and I stayed home with the babies and took over animal duties. With the help of the grandmas and the baby slings, we made it work. There were a few late nights when Zander and I headed out to the barn to check on everyone and I was stuck out there, nursing a fussy boy. The sheep didn't know what to make of a crying baby but they hung around and watched curiously.

There were others I was checking on . . .

Meet the three little pigs. They arrived just after the babies were born. They're lots of fun and love to play and jump around like dogs.

This beautiful girl is Ella. She's our new Jersey milking cow. She's just the sweetest girl and she has literally stolen Nate's heart. He's her primary caregiver right now and the two of them are quite a pair. Ella is expecting a calf any day now! We're checking in on her constantly and giving her lots of love.

I think she and Zander are going to be good friends. (Even though he doesn't seem to care much right now.)

More to come. But for now, a new mama and her baby.

9 weeks