November 24, 2009

empty nest

The feelings we are experiencing today are truly bittersweet. We just butchered the last of our turkeys yesterday and our only animals remaining are our 180 laying hens who we keep over the winter. Besides those hens, WE ARE FINISHED FOR THE SEASON!

On one hand, we welcome the break as we’ve both worked harder than ever this year. I feel like I could sleep for days and days. But to be honest, we’re feeling a bit sad. We miss our animals.

We have such amazing friends. We had a big crew helping with the turkeys and it was a really fun day. We made it a ‘turkey honoring party’. Everyone left not only with their Thanksgiving birds but also with a deeper appreciation of what it takes to get those birds ready for the customer.

Chris, Greg, Jen, Nate, Marc, Mike, me in front and Justin far right.

Nate and I love raising turkeys. They have such personality and are so much fun. We put a lot of love and sweat into those birds and, however sad it is to see them go, I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to know that our turkeys will grace so many tables and nourish so many families this week.

Is this really my life?

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