May 29, 2010

fingers and toes crossed.

Ok, I know my blogging has been lame as of late but that's because I haven't have much to say. Well, that's not true. I just haven't felt like whining about our broken lives. This has been one of the most intense periods in both of our lives and some days, well... some days are rougher than others. We both have our moments and sadness and frustration are still felt on a daily basis. There are ups and downs. Breakdowns happen, to both of us. At least we're in it together and we have each other.
We've both started working. Yes, you read that correctly. Though it's tempting to look at it as accepting defeat, we have both had to enter the workforce to make ends meet. (ooh, that rhymed!) We hope this is a very temporary thing. I am in my previous element of natural medicine and Nate is profiting on his mad building/designing/creating skills.
It's hard to convey the weight of the situation for us and most folks just don't get it. And that's ok. What it means for us to not have a farm right now, especially when all that is happening in this world points to one thing... GROW YOUR OWN FOOD, is a tough pill to swallow. It does, however, mean trusting fate more than ever before. The universe has led us along this path and we know it does not end here. We wont let it. This is not the end of our story. Many people have suggested that I write a book about our story and you know, I think I will. But not until there is a happy ending to write about.
So, all of that aside, something very good might be happening for us right at this moment. We looked at a farm today for the second time and we loved it even more than the first time. There is still much to be worked out (like where we will get the $$) and I won't say anymore because I'm not about to jinx it so.... Please keep your fingers crossed for us and let's hope this works out. If it does, you'll be hearing a lot more from us.
Deep, deep breaths. Fingers and toes crossed.

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