August 23, 2010

the greenhouse

Since we're starting over at a new location, we don't have the set-up we had for starting baby chicks. This time we started the turkey poults in the garage, knowing that space would only last about 2 weeks before they outgrew it. Since the turkeys arrived, Nate's been working non-stop on building a greenhouse that will act as a brooder for the turkeys for the next month or so. After that, they'll move outside.

This will be a multipurpose greenhouse. We may house our laying hens in it over the winter and we can then start seedlings here in the Spring.

After Nate finished the foundation, it was time to put the plastic on. The farm crew got up extra early before the sun and before any breezes to accomplish the task. Being that we didn't know quite what we were doing, you might ask how we did this.

Now that's what I call team work.
We now have some pretty happy turkeys with plenty of room to run, jump and flap their wings. 

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