September 20, 2010

In case you're wondering. . .

. . . where I've been. I'm still drowning (but in a good way, if that's possible) in tomatoes. We're living, breathing, dreaming and speaking tomatoes. We did have the blight and we did think that it would wipe them all out but we're experiencing our own little farm magic here and they just keep coming. We are nowhere near complaining. We love every single one.

Here's a typical week:

pick tomatoes (among many other things)

lug tomatoes out of the field, onto the truck and then off the truck

sort tomatoes

lug tomatoes (among many other things) to farmers market or to CSA drop off

sell tomatoes

lug tomatoes that didn't sell back to the farm

EAT tomatoes

can, dehydrate, roast and freeze tomatoes


I have really been feeling like I need to be blogging about our experiences here and I just have to MAKE time because there really isn't any. I'm flying solo on the farm this weekend so everyone else can go to the Mother Earth News Fair so maybe I can get caught up then.

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