February 11, 2011

new high tunnel arrives

The farm got a grant for a new high tunnel (like a greenhouse, only not heated) and it arrived a few weeks ago! A high tunnel, upon delivery, looks nothing like a high tunnel and instead looks like a bunch of poles of all shapes and sizes. It came in many, many heavy pieces on a big truck on a very, very cold day. The truck was unable to make it up our driveway to the spot where we would be putting it all together so we had to unload the truck, load it onto our truck, haul it up the driveway and then unload it all again. Luckily there were a few extra hands around that day and we unloaded it all in no time.

Jen's so happy thinking about how much extra work this will be.

Maggie, the farm dog, supervised and made sure we did it all correctly.

We got it all loaded and it was time to head up the hill . . . but we lost our momentum on the way up and everything we just loaded began to slide back, off the truck!!!

Let's try this again.

Nate shows us the importance of using ratchet straps to secure things onto the truck...which we did not do. Obviously.

We loaded it all again and made it up the hill and got it all unloaded. Now here it sits in the greenhouse just waiting for us to build it. Another project to be done before Spring.

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