April 8, 2011

rough day

Some days on the farm are just plain hard. I buried the tiniest little lamb this morning. After making a comeback yesterday, she surprised me and took a turn for the worse overnight. She was gone by this morning.

I agreed that these lambs would be my project. It's not like I have time for a new project but I was expecting these lambs to be like our last bottle-fed lambs; cute, fun and relatively easy. Not so. These three girls each came with their own issues and honestly, the jury's still out on the other two though they're in a much better place than the girl we lost. I've never lost a farm animal bigger than a chicken and while this little girl wasn't really much bigger. . . it still sucked.

It sucked enough to make me have one of those days where I felt like everything was out of control. Like all the animals were having 'issues' and things were falling apart. A few deep breaths and some quiet time spent weeding the kohlrabi in the high tunnel and I felt a bit better.

It doesn't help that we are knee deep in the season of mud. I'm pretty sure that only a farmer can really grasp the intensity of what this means. It's an inevitable passage into Spring on a farm. Not only is it not fun to farm in the cold rain and mud (the show must go on, rain or shine!), but it puts a lot of important projects on hold while we wait for things to dry out.

Universe, if you feel like doing me a favor, could you please help these 2 lambs along? I'm tired and not feeling up to losing another. Oh, and a little sunshine wouldn't hurt either. Thanks.

Tomorrow will be better.


  1. Again, I'm so sorry. Much love to you my friend!

  2. I was rooting for the little mite too.. she was so little. All the best and sending love xx