June 22, 2011

the start of the 2011 CSA (and chickens!)

The Blackberry Meadows CSA starts today so if you've been planning to sign up but just haven't gotten around to it, now is the time! The form you need to fill out is here and here's a great explanation of why things are starting a bit late this year, though I think you know why.

And . . .

We will be butchering our first batch of chickens of the season this weekend and you'll have a chance to purchase fresh (not frozen), organic, pasture-raised chicken this Sunday.

We've switched to certified organic feed this year for all of our poultry which has been a long time coming. We haven't been able to afford it and we haven't wanted to ask our customers to pay more for chicken but we just can't morally feed or consume conventional grain anymore. Unfortunately, that means the price has to go up. Just as we were making plans for a season's worth of chickens, the cost of grain skyrocketed forcing us to decide if we can continue to raise poultry. We're still hanging in there for now and instead chose to do a much smaller batch this time.

That means numbers are limited so we need you to pre-order between now and then. We'll confirm your order by email until we run out of birds to sell.

Hope to see you!

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