November 3, 2011

once upon a time . . .

... there was a couple who moved to England, where a dream was born.

Ok, I'll spare you. You know the story. Nate and I were living in England when we we started thinking about moving back home to start a new life as organic farmers. With very few friends there, lots of rainy days and a decent internet connection, we spent a lot of our time researching sustainable farming. There were 2 very influential people whose videos sealed the deal for us. Joel Salatin and Vandana Shiva.

You might remember that Nate had the chance to meet Joel Salatin and thank him a few years ago.

Nate's a bit star struck. Can you tell?

Last night, we had the chance to hear the lovely Vandana Shiva speak. Afterwards, we had a private moment where we were able to thank her for inspiring us to become farmers...well, Nate did. I couldn't talk without crying so he did the talking. Damn hormones.

It was a good night.

Here's a great Vandana video which I may have posted before. This is part 1 of 3, don't miss the other parts.

And a great Joel Salatin video...

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