May 4, 2012

on any given day . . .

This is how Zander spends a lot of his time, watching me work.

It's nap time for batch #3, who just arrived yesterday.

Batch #2 gets to spread their wings and stretch their legs in their new bigger space.

Batch #1 out on pasture!

Nate checks on the pigs and it looks like they've found some mud!

Happy hens.

The greenhouse is packed to the gills! Some of these are to be sold as seedlings but the rest will be planted in the fields for the CSA and for market.

Lynn works hard in the heat of the day prepping the soil in the new high tunnel. The high tunnel is named Fabio. Because it's so shiny, new and sexy.

 These are spent brewers grains that we get from a local brewery to add to our pig feed. It's free but it comes wet, so this is how we dry it.

It was a hot one!

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