February 27, 2013

a home

It's been seven months since we left the farm. Seven long months spent searching for a new farm. In that time, I must say that sadly, we've become disheartened with Pennsylvania and what it's people are willing to do to it's land and water. Such beautiful farmland ruined, or signed away to be ruined someday soon. The Marcellus shale gas issue has hit us hard and has really begun to discourage us from this area.

For the first time since we started this farming adventure, we've found ourselves considering relocating. It's freeing to think that we can go anywhere we want and we're entertaining ideas as wild as Oregon, California or even Chile or Costa Rica. All of our family is here, though, so it's not a decision to take lightly. And while we're making such huge decisions, we've been wondering what we should do in the meantime. We thought of looking for places to rent in the city but that just didn't feel right. That's not where we belong or where we want to be. And of course, what would we do with all of our farm stuff?

And then it happened. Serendipity stepped in once again. We reconnected with an old acquaintance at just the right time and before we knew it, our problems were solved. We've found a place to live, on a farm, where we can take our time, do some farming, travel to research other areas and continue to search for the right place for us. This means that we don't have to watch a season go by without growing some food and we can immerse our son in the kind of life we want him to experience.

A home! It may be temporary, as we may decide to move somewhere else after this season, or we may love it and choose to stay. But it's our very own space to live and grow in and it's just what we need right now.

We're so grateful.

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  1. I am so happy for you all. Glad to know that you found something right, for right now, with the opportunity to find and decide for the future. I completely understand how you feel about the mining being done in PA. I reconsidered my plans to relocate there starting about two years ago and decided not to last year, for the very same reason. It is such a same what is being done to the land. I will carefully chose my final 'residence' based on the environmental landscape that is not, even potentially, lethally dangerous to the land, man, or beast. May be a tall order, but not impossible.

    Blessings and continued success on your path.

    Wendy (from the Chicago, IL area)