May 6, 2013


Because Zander is breastfed, I've always gotten a lot of the intimate moments with him. I do the soothing when he's hurt or upset beyond consoling, the cuddling during feedings, and the putting to sleep. Nate doesn't complain but I know he sometimes feels a little left out. 

They spend lots of time alone together playing around the farm but I thought that if we could find an activity where Zander is out of his element and has to depend on his daddy for security, it could be a good bonding experience for them both. That's hard to find because the boy isn't scared of anything.

Enter the toddler swim class...

Having never been in a pool before, Zander was a little freaked out. I was surprised, but I knew that he'd eventually love it. Sure enough, he quickly got used to it and started having fun. He was even going under water by the end.

Watching my two boys at swim class and watching Zander overcome a scary thing with the help of his daddy made for the best Saturday ever.

Just coming up from under water!

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