December 21, 2013

the party

Last weekend Grandma threw a party for the new two year-old. Knowing our boy's love of balloons, Nate had the brilliant idea to do a balloon drop. I have never seen this boy so happy. The squeals of absolute joy were priceless and it was amazing to have all of his grandparents and close family there. So much love in one room. It was the best day of this little boy's life. And quite possibly mine, too!

All photos are by my talented brother-in-law, Andy Johanson. (Check out his work here.)

Last year, he was overwhelmed by the cupcake, the candle, and the singing. Remember this?...

December, 2012 - First Birthday
This year we spent a few weeks practicing blowing out candles while we sang 'Happy Birthday'. Nate baked him a special sourdough cupcake with homemade frosting (his first taste of chocolate!) and this year, he was ready!

It was a good day. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen, especially Barb, Andy and Stephanie!

Some Zander memories...

7 days old

One year old
Happy 2 year-old

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