April 7, 2015

happy spring!

We had a beautiful day Sunday, as we celebrated Spring with an Easter twist. We didn't bother celebrating when he was younger, so it was a first for Zander. He had already heard some things about Easter, but I was determined to not make the day all about candy. In fact, before Sunday, Zander had never even had candy.

We had an egg hunt with eggs filled with cars, sea creatures, bouncy balls and stickers. I managed to include a few fruit juice-sweetened lollipops and gummy bears and the boy was over the moon.

After our egg hunt at home, we headed over to celebrate the day with our good friends Ted and Kathy at The Stone Camp, for their annual egg hunt which they host for friends and family. Ted and Kathy live entirely off the grid and have created a beautiful corner of the earth which they call home. They're always so kind and welcoming. The place is inspiring and full of magic and wonder, and it's the best place for an egg hunt!

They recycle everything and have zero waste. All of the items that most would consider trash, are carefully cleaned and sorted for future reuse. I think all of the different containers are my favorite part, though there's just so much to love about this place.


The eggs here were filled with coins and real candy. We did the Stone Camp egg hunt last year, but Zander was only 2. He was just so excited to find eggs that he didn't even catch on that there was stuff inside. I was able to empty them out and give the candy away to the older kids. I was unsure of how this was going to work this year. He was so excited to open the eggs and find candy!! I told him we were going to save it for later, thinking that maybe I could make a trade for some healthier stuff. To my surprise, he not only agreed to wait and eat it, but he completely forgot about it. I may have allowed a few jelly beans, though.

It was a great day. Zander woke up the next day asking if we could go find more Easter eggs. Happy Spring!


  1. It sounds and looks totally magical! Were there any elves or trolls among the eggs? Great post!


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