January 17, 2010

terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Today sucked. There is much stress around here as of late but unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to discuss most of it. Bummer. I'd really like to vent. I just cannot believe the audacity of some people. It is truly disheartening sometimes. Why does greed overcome compassion and kindness? Seriously, people have changed. This world has changed.
But here's something I can vent about..... Remember Mr. Neighbor Man whose dog claimed 13 of our beautiful hens? Well, today he informed us, in a super nasty way, that regardless of the fact that we've now lost 13 so far from the attack, he will only pay for the 6 hens that he saw dead. NO apology. Apparently we were supposed to take the birds we euthanized to him as proof? Maybe we should have taken photos to document the carnage but I have to tell you that as I was bawling my eyes out holding several severely injured hens down while Nate took a shovel to their neck in an effort to end their misery, I really wasn't thinking of any of that. There's been a lot going on here and I was feeling utterly devastated at that moment.
The dog owner is also unwilling to even discuss compensating us for the time and money invested in those birds as well as the lost income as we now get a dozen less eggs per day.
Apparently it's our fault that his dog cannot be let out unattended anymore. Poor little Cujo. I'm sure you know just how badly I feel about this, right?
So we're supposed to take a total loss here. A $5 loss per day for the next 2 years. Not to mention that we fed those girls very well for 5 months before they even started laying. Since when is it okay to treat someone like that? It's his dog and he lives across from a farm...with animals.
Lately farming is feeling like an uphill battle. It seems as though there are so many forces working against us... or trying to. We're essentially homeless, floating between 2 different places, trying to make ourselves scarce so as not to be a burden. We're exhausted from working so much and feel lost, discombobulated, numb, yet oddly...HAPPY. We're doing what we love and are where we need to be right now in this moment. We are learning so much and are having so much fun (except for the obvious incidents). Plans are being made and dreams are being born.
This is life-changing.

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