January 31, 2010

crotch watching

We've been spending our days and nights staring at vaginas and trying to determine who might be showing signs of labor. That would be cow vaginas, folks.
We're trying to learn from Farmer R what to look for and we hope to catch a birth one of these days. There are one or two who are showing signs so something should be happening soon. We're trying to keep the camera on us at all times.
It's also ridiculously cold which means frozen eggs if we don't collect them often. It was -6 degrees this morning. It also means checking the cattle water often to keep it from freezing.
A new calico kitty has appeared on the farm and she's in bad shape. We're trying to decide how much time and effort to put into saving her but she's just so darn cute. This little thing has a strong constitution and just might survive if we can get her main health issues under control.
I hope the 'Future of Food' post wasn't too scary. I feel it's all about education. That's the only way you can make informed food choices. Plus, to be honest, the truth really is scary and I want all of you to know that. The government would have you believe that everything is fine. Just eat your processed, poisoned food and be quiet. These are all huge reasons why we're fighting this fight.
One of my favorite quotes (thanks Jen):

"Every day's act of eating, is an act of creating freedom." - Vandana Shiva. Buy local, buy organic!

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