March 3, 2011

the best christmas present ever

Right before Christmas, we bought a used (but new to us!) mixer/grinder so we can grind our own poultry feed. I really cannot tell you just how wonderful this is. In the past, we've had to source all of the feed components and then we had to rely on someone else to grind it for us. That became really difficult and required lots of planning, driving and hauling feed. I can't begin to describe how nerve wracking it is to have someone else grind our feed. I basically just hold my breath and hope they do it right. We have had instances where it's been done wrong and it has cost us big time, in the form of tiny little lives lost. Finding organic grains is a whole other story but someday, we hope to grow all of our grains here.

Until then . . . well, this gets us one step closer.

So, this mixer/grinder was used and not very well taken care of. Turns out it needed work and was full of moldy grain and there's no way we were going to let any of that contaminate the feed for our animals.

Enter the amazing Nate.

He suited up, crawled inside the thing and cleaned it all out. Not a fun job at all. He also rebuilt some of the parts and made several improvements. It ended up being the never ending project that he's just now finishing. We're so, so happy to have this piece of equipment. And I'm so, so lucky to have Nate!

Life is about to get so much easier.

Thanks for taking one for the team, Nate!

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