March 19, 2011

starting seeds

Jen and I have been busy.

We're spending our days in the greenhouse starting lots and lots of seeds. It feels like another world in there. It's bright, sunny, super warm and I couldn't love it more. Really.

Some of these herbs, flowers and vegetables are to be sold as seedlings and the rest will be planted in the fields. So far we've started:

  • parsley
  • basil (genovese, lemon, thai, purple ruffles, dark opal)
  • rosemary
  • dill
  • onions (green and purple bunching)
  • leeks
  • chard (rainbow, yellow, ford hook)
  • kale (red russian, ripbor, lacinato)
  • cabbage (wakefield)
  • chinese cabbage
  • pac choi
  • kohlrabi
  • fennel
  • broccoli (gypsy and ?)
  • lettuce (red sails, nevada)
  • peppers (california wonder, cherry bomb, cayenne, jalepeno, hot wax, volkov, sweetie)
  • tomatoes (stripped german, brandywine, cherokee purple)
  • nasturtiums
  • snapdragons
  • asters
  • pansies
  • zinnias
  • strawflowers
Today we started:
  • eggplant (nadia, zebra, orient charm, rosa bianca, thai yellow, turkish orange, machiaw, black beauty)
  • more lettuce (coastal star and green summer crisp)
  • bee balm
  • valerian
  • celosia
  • more snapdragons
  • lupine
  • feverfew
  • hore hound
  • mullein
  • stinging nettle
  • dahlias
  • more green bunching onions

Hello, Spring!

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