September 6, 2012

to zander ~ love, mama

You're 9 months old today!

You wake up every day with the biggest smile on your face.  In fact, you smile all the time, at everyone. I wonder if you'll ever know how you make a person feel when you smile at them. It's just magical.

 You are in constant motion these days and just yesterday, much to our surprise, you learned how to climb the stairs. You're already cruising around the room holding onto furniture and today you stood on your own for a few seconds. I'm preparing myself for you to be an early walker. You're growing so fast so I'm trying to soak in every moment. I love nursing you and watching you sleep.

Your favorite things right now are riding on Daddy's shoulders and playing chase with him. I love watching the two of you crawl around the floor. You chase him and he chases you. You laugh and squeal. My heart swells watching you both.

I'm sorry that the last few months have been so hard. We hated having to uproot you from the only home you ever knew but I think you know that we weren't happy there. It's been really hard for us but you've been amazing though it all. You're so adaptable and you make it impossible to be depressed about the situation because after all, we have you.

We promise that whatever it takes, we're going to make our farm dream come true.

Happy 9 months, little one. You've captured our hearts.  

photo by Andy Johanson
photo by Andy Johanson
photo by Andy Johanson
photo by Andy Johanson

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  1. I've missed some posts of yours which is a shame as I love your blog. So sorry you've had to move but babies need just two things. A mommy and a daddy. Looks like your fellow has all he needs

    Now just wanted to pass on news about a farm for sale in Illinois. Ours, Feel free to call anytime