April 14, 2013

and here we are

Our boy was just not himself. That infectious smile that warms our hearts each day was gone and in it's place was a fever and many, many tears. It didn't take long to realize that Zander was getting his first molar. And it was rough. For all of us.

Unfortunately, we had arranged to start moving then but with a sad, feverish, clingy toddler who we just couldn't make happy, we simply had to postpone a few days. He just needed our love and full attention. In addition, we're sure he was picking up on our moving stress and anxiety and that he was confused about all of the packing and boxes. It was hard on all of us. The good news is that we made it here and all is well. Z's working on his second and third molars now and things seem to be going much better this time.

It was both wonderful and overwhelming to be reunited with all of our belongings which have been in storage for seven months. There's nothing quite like a move to bring you right back down to reality when you think you're living simply. There's just so. much. stuff. We weren't in the best frame of mind when we were packing to leave the last place, so going through things then wasn't an option. The good news is that we're in a relaxed space now where we can go through things and weed out what we don't want or need.

That brings me to this place. Oh, this place. We don't own it, nor do we think we'll be here for any great length of time, but it's magical and it's just what the three of us need right now. It's beautiful and so, so quiet. Zander loves it here. I mean, the boy would live outside if we let him. He cries when it's time to bring him inside. As soon as we moved here, his molar finished coming through, he started dancing, talking a lot (ok, rambling) and just blossoming into this whole new kid. In fact, we all did a little bit of blossoming. I think we all needed it.

The deal here is that we help take care of the animals and in exchange, we have a cute little house and ridiculously low rent. We also have a huge garden which we've been busy preparing. We're still undecided as to what kind of farming we'll be doing here. We're taking our time considering the logistics of it all. More on that later.

For now, we're just enjoying our days.

For now, life is good.


  1. Wishing you, Nate, and Sander the best of everything! Huge hugs to all!

  2. Sander... stupid auto correct!

  3. So happy and excited for you guys! (And damn these molars!)

  4. What a wonderful place for Zander to grow up! I love it!