April 26, 2013

on zander

...a few things about Zander, so I never forget.

~ I forget that he's only 16 months old. There's just something pretty deep that goes on behind those eyes.

~ I simply cannot get over how independent he is. He wants to be outside all the time and much to our surprise, he doesn't really don't care where we are when he's out. This farm is about 400 acres and we have endless trails to go walking on. Nate took him out the other day and sort of hid for about 15 minutes at a time, all while Z was still within his sight, and Zander happily toddled around exploring and never once looked around to see where Daddy was. Amazing.

~ The boy is also fearless. He'll walk right into the horse pasture and think nothing of it. And he LOVES dogs. There are two here, one of which is huge, but there's no fear whatsoever. There is a stream that runs through the property and the boy is drawn to it like a magnet. He needs constant guiding to keep him from walking/falling right into it.

~ I do believe this boy is going to be musical. He's always banging on a drum or tambourine or playing a recorder or harmonica. Sometimes all of the above, simultaneously.

~ He makes the cutest, surprisingly accurate noise when asked what a horse says.

~ Even still, when encouraged to say 'Mama' he always says "Dada", with a sly grin. 

~ The smell of his head is just intoxicating, except for when it smells like butter after a good waffle smear. I'm sure it's just a mother thing.

~ I'm in love with our independent, fearless little man. He's awesome.

Being a trooper during the worst teething week ever. photo by Andy Johanson

photo by Andy Johanson

photo by Andy Johanson

photo by Andy Johanson

See? On the drum, harmonica in hand.

A chilly day but he insists in being in the water.



  1. future lawyer...or politician. (Sorry :-( )

  2. Perfectly clear to me " I need some new overalls and those rubber chore boots with the red toes, if not too much trouble"

  3. You don't have to be a mother to like the way your kid's head smells. O know what you mean.... I like this post, btw.

    -David G.

  4. Someone who will always be in my heart was the exact same way from the moment he could walk..