October 3, 2014


The latest impressive oven progress...

 Getting ready for the concrete cladding around the oven.

 The form around the oven will help create a 2 inch thick cladding around the sides.

 The concrete mixture of gravel, sand, and a special high-temperature refractory cement.

Cladding poured.

Forms removed, and despite a serious moment of panic when Nate thought the walls of the forms were being pushed out, it's looking good!

 The form/support for the bonded arch, aka the ceiling/vault.

Soaking the arch bricks to make it easier to get the mortar in the cavities.

 Form in place, ready for the arch.

 This is a bonded arch, which means that the bricks are staggered for an extra strong arch. This way if a brick falls out of place, the rest will stay put.

 Shims are driven between the bricks to open up the joints and make the arch as strong as possible before filling in the gaps with the cement mixture. When all the gaps are filled, the bricks can't move and the arch can stand on its own when the form is removed.

 It's really looking like an oven!

The gaps are all filled in and in a few days he'll hold his breath and remove the arch form.

Looking good, Nate!!

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