February 4, 2010

it's a girl. . . and the rest of the week.

Life is truly a whirlwind for us right now and we're just trying to keep up without losing our minds. The last few days, in photos...

A new baby girl was born Sunday night. Farmer R is getting to know the newest addition and checking her belly to make sure it's full of mama's milk.... while mom sniffs on.

 This is last week's calf, Mikey nursing.

 We spotted this guy just down the road from the farm. This is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. He's so amazing and we're happy to see him but we sure hope he doesn't find our chickens. Isn't he beautiful?
We've spent the last few days on firewood detail. Dragging logs, splitting logs, hauling logs, stacking logs. We also separated the bull as well as a young bull calf (the one who escaped recently) from the rest of the herd. The cows (mamas) will come into heat every 20 days and we don't want them breeding right now. Remember when I explained why he times things so the calves are born this time of year??
When we checked on everyone tonight, that little bull calf had found his way back to his mom by escaping through the fence. Little shit.
We're also continuing our calf labor education as we learn more about what labor signs to look for. We've been studying body language, udders and even taking photos of the different vaginal phases.
We are off to the annual PASA (PA Association for Sustainable Farming) conference! This very conference is what inspired us to search out our first farming opportunity. We didn't think both of us would be able to go this year as we weren't sure we'd have someone to take care of the hens. We just finally figured all of that out and, amazingly, we're both able to go. Yay! We're never able to leave the farm at the same time for any length of time.
I'll be away from this space for a few days and hope to return an inspired, more enlightened farmer.
Be well.

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