February 17, 2010

another red bull

Just after my Red Bull post, we had another red bull calf. I'm not sure why but the red calves are really sweet and docile. We're still on maternity watch. We thought one was in labor last night and Nate even got up to check on her at 4am but no baby yet.

Meet Stinky, the cat that showed up one day smelling like death and missing half of her face. She demanded our attention and after some grass-fed beef, love and a few natural remedies, she just might make it. We'll find a more appropriate name for her if she pulls through.

Meet Sammy Jo, Farmer R's trusty farming companion for the last 14 years. They just adore each other.

 We're putting together a mini CSA with delivery points for our Pittsburgh area customers. This time of year, the products available are organic grass-fed beef, eggs, black turtle beans, adzuki beans and potatoes. If you're interested in more information, send us an email: We'll be phasing out the Wolf Lake Farm name eventually so stay tuned for more on that. If you're a local customer, the best way to stay abreast of all of that is to send an email and we'll add you to our e-mailing list.

Much love to our friends, family and customers for your unending love and support through this farm transition, and all of the stress that's gone along with it.

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