February 7, 2010

it's another girl!...and another boy!...and we're back from PASA!

What a weekend!
A new heifer calf (female) was born on Thursday. That calf will share a birthday with Nate and my mother! A bull calf (male) was born late Friday/early Saturday while we were away at the conference.
The PASA conference.... Well, the conference was amazing, as always. As soon as we arrived we were asked to give a speech at the awards banquet the following night. That gave us a day to try to figure out what we wanted to say. We were awarded a scholarship to attend the conference this year and we spoke about the Brownback Memorial Scholarship Fund. It was a good chance for us to tell over two thousand people our story as well as how much PASA, the conference and the scholarship fund means to us. It was also the perfect time to thank the couple who gave us the opportunity to get started by letting us farm on their land for the last two years. It was so hard to keep from crying but we spoke through the tears and it was an amazing, extremely emotional experience.
It's hard to find the words to describe the conference. It's not often that you have the opportunity to be in a room with a few thousand people who all share the same passion for sustainable agriculture as well as the desire to help repair this country's severely broken food system. The energy there is amazing, it's a great chance to catch up with our farmer friends and we always learn a ton of good stuff.
We learned about raising rabbits (I know, I know...maybe another post on that), raising pigs on pasture, keeping honey bees, milking goats, marketing, how to build a wood fired oven using cob construction and Nate's favorite..... Humanure. He learned about how you can avoid contaminating the water supply by composting human waste for use in your garden. It might seem out there but it makes perfect sense and it isn't nearly as gross as it sounds. You can learn about it here.
Nothing like a good PASA conference to get us recharged and ready to change the world! Now, if we could just secure a place to live...

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